Water supply

In the last 50 years, the use of polyethylene pipes in water supply and water transfer has greatly increased. Polyethylene pipes that are connected by welding joints are one of the safest methods of connection in pipelines that will not leak if properly welded. Today, in water transmission lines (from the treatment plant to the back of the consumer meter), polyethylene pipes have replaced the former steel and cast iron pipes.
Due to the lack of corrosion and sedimentation, polyethylene pipes can greatly reduce the costs of construction and maintenance of municipal facilities, and in this regard, due to the long life of more than 50 years, encourage executives to use this type of pipe. Polyethylene pipes can be used instead of metal and concrete pipes. Due to the very significant advantages of this type of pipes, the managers and executors of water supply projects have used polyethylene pipes as a substitute for metal and concrete pipes. Single-walled polyethylene pipes PE100 and PE80 have a very high water supply application. Polyethylene pipes are also widely used in drinking water systems.