Oil and Gas

Hi, polyethylene pipe is one of the most widely used types of pipes in various industries and is used to transfer various fluids. These types of pipes, including single-walled polyethylene pipes and double-walled polyethylene pipes, each have a specific use and these pipes meet all the needs of a project. The growing trend of using plastic materials and especially polyethylene in the industry owes to the properties and specifications of these materials and their applications, which has resulted in a short period of life of these pipes (types of polyethylene pipes including single-walled polyethylene pipes and double-walled pipes Carogit) is witnessing significant progress in production and usage in various industries. Single-walled pipes and double-walled corrugated pipes have been widely welcomed in various industries for fluid transfer. In the last fifty years, this industry, with its advances in the production of various types of polyethylene pipes and polyethylene fittings, has presented itself as a suitable alternative to metal pipes, PVC, GRP and cast iron, and has been able to replace this in most cases. Such as pipes, executive project managers are often satisfied to accept this replacement (polyethylene pipe with other pipes). The strength, durability and easy installation method of polyethylene pipes and fittings have been very effective in this decision. Today, Pars Ethylene Kish polyethylene piping systems are used in most firefighting projects, high pressure water transfer projects and urban, industrial and rural sewage transmission systems, telecommunication projects, cable covering as well as natural gas transmission in industrial and chemical environments, small projects and Great location.